The Journey Begins

The Journey Begins

The Journey Begins 960 960 sherrington2019

Starting a freelance translation business is an idea I have had for a while now and so I am thrilled to have launched Sherrington Traducciones this year. My name is William Sherrington, and my journey starts here.

The main motivator in the decision to launch this business is my passion and love for the Spanish language. I have studied Spanish for eight years now. Through high school, college and university I have conjugated, translated and interpreted more than I once thought possible. I have lost count of how many vocabulary tests I have done and have a rather niche and extensive knowledge of Franco’s effect on the Barcelona and Real Madrid rivalry thanks to my dissertation. But I absolutely adored every moment. For me, language is everything.

One extension of my love for the Spanish language is precisely what this enterprise endeavours to excel at: translation. My appetite for translation has strongly developed over the past eight years and I can tell you that it is has become one of my favourite pastimes. The act of translating may not seem compelling to most, but for me, it is much more than writing a given text in a different language. My hobby has become a cultural and linguistic journey which enables me to constantly learn new idioms and quirky vocabulary.

On top of enabling independent learning, translation enables me to be imaginative and to think outside of the box. It is so creative! My favourite type of text is one which grants freedom to adopt a Spanish text to fit a different target audience in English. For example, a book aimed at an adult audience may need a child adaptation in English. By having the needs of a new target audience at the front of my mind when translating, I am given free rein to modify and change the informality and style of the translated text. This process results in a lot of creative thinking as I tailor the text to the needs of a new audience.

As well as translation, I plan to write and post informal blogs to better connect with you, my clients, so that we can create a stronger bond in business together. The topics in the upcoming blogs will most likely range from discussions of the more technical aspects of translation to reflections on interesting translations I have done myself. You can expect a new blog to be published every two to four weeks, so please stay tuned and I hope you enjoy what there is to come.

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